A monthly blog that documents the studio and some of the work that is made there.

Friday, 14 December 2018


Lake Louise Canada. Watercolour. 18x28cms

Bow River Falls Canada. Watercolour. 25x35cms

Emerald Lake and Mount Burgess Canada. Watercolour. 35x55cms 

Bow River Canada. Watercolour. 34x74cms

The Sentinel. Watercolour. 54x74cms 


  1. Thanks for continuing to post your work. Always an inspiration.

  2. I live in Calgary, not far from here, and you've done wonderful work. You've matched the colour of the water perfectly, got the sense of vastness that is the mountains. If you're here again, try going into southern Alberta, the Longview area and further south. Nanton to the Spray Lakes, and further south. It's quite stunning. No buildings in the way, no wires, just mountains on the far horizon from one end to the other.